This film is oral storytelling of an alternative history of humanity, that stretches far outside of the history books. For the past decade, Betsy Pool has been assembling this core mythology of humanity that was shared with the community of Damanhur, by Spiritual Founder, Falco Tarassaco, over forty years of teaching.

In the community of Damanhur, Betsy created a physical StoryRoom in which this extraordinary, non-linear history of humanity, is laid out, story point by story point. In the past, in order to experience the transmission of this mythology, one had to visit the physical StoryRoom. Hundreds of guests, including many famous authors, thought leaders, physicists, and indigenous elders have traveled through the StoryRoom in the past decade.

After spending many hours with Betsy in the StoryRoom in 2014, Jean Houston, a renowned leader in the Human Potential Movement, shared that she believed the story represented on the StoryRoom walls may well be the core mythology of humanity representing global consciousness that her dear friend, famed mythologist Joseph Campbell, had predicted the eventual emergence of, forty years ago.

Now, with the release of THE STORY OF EVERYTHING, the StoryRoom, and this vast history of humanity can be experienced by anyone who desires.

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