Edgar & Betsy Consultation Booking


Edgar and Betsy consult with clients as dual channels and mediums. They are also available individually for consultations. Working together or individually, Edgar and Betsy have the unique capacity to tune into the field around their clients, connecting to the higher selves and any guides or entities who are connected to the individual. They are also able to tune into the higher selves of those in relationship with their clients, providing information the higher-self of the others may be willing to reveal. The primary focus of their consulting work is to support their clients in the recognition of their highest calling. They also work to identify any blocks that might be hindering this self-realization, or the realization of the full potential within the work or personal relationships of their clients.

Working with corporate clients, the duo tune into the field around an organization or corporate entity, reading energy flows and blocks. They use the insight gained through this practice to advise and support organizations and corporate entities in transition and adaptation.