Betsy Pool splits her time between The Federation of Damannhur, in Nothern Italy and Klagenfurt, Austria, where Wake Up! Association for the Advancement of Consciousness has its home offices. Edgar B├╝ltemeyer is based full time in Graz.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

You can schedule a channeling or mediumistic consulting session on the EdgarBetsy Dual Channels page and address inquiries regarding hosting the Trees and Bees exhibition on that dedicated page. For production needs, inquires about Damanhur tours, StoryRoom visits or other inquiries please contact us here.

Edgar B├╝ltemeyer & Betsy Pool
Wake Up! – Verein zur F├Ârderung des Bewusstseins
Augasse 2/5
Graz, 8020, Austria
Betsy Pool
The Federation of Damanhur
Via Baldissero No. 21
Vidracco, (TO), 10080
Edgar B├╝ltemeyer:
Betsy Pool:
office@wake-up. media